Acoustic Instruments

Setup & ServicePrice
Banjos, mandolins, dulcimers, etc.By Quote

Electric Guitars

Setup & ServicePrice
6-String Vibrato$75.00
6-String Fixed Bridge$65.00
7-String Vibrato$85.00
7-String Fixed Bridge$75.00

Bass Guitars

Setup & ServicePrice

$20 additional charge for all dual truss rod basses

Basic Restring

Restring, Strobe & TunePrice
Electric Guitar$20.00

Miscellaneous Shop Supplies: $0-5.00 Per Service

May include: materials, parts, lemon oil, solder, polish, sandpaper, lock washers, wire, lubricants, oils, greases, adhesives, etc.

Tuner Change & Installation

Bass GuitarsPrice
4 String$35.00
5 String$40.00
6 String$45.00
6 String$45.00
7 String$50.00
12 String$60.00

Refinishing, Painting & Repair

Broken Head Stock Repair$100.00
With Refinishingby quote
Acoustic Bridge Repair$100.00
Top, Back, Side, Crack repairBy Quote
MiscellaneousBy Quote

Bridge Repair, Restoration and Modification

Straighten Tune-O-Matic$15.00
Restore, clean, polish, & service Tune-O-Matic$35.00
Modify Floyd Rose$35.00
Rebuild Floyd Rose$50.00
Rebuild Kahler$50.00
Rebuild Fender$50.00
Rebuild Bigsby$50.00

Guitar & Bass Strings

S. I. T Strings - All GaugesPrice
6 String/ Nickel (4-6 month life span)$ 8.00
6 String/Stainless (8-12 month life span)$9.00
4 String/Stainless Bass RBS (8-12 month life span)$45.00
5 String/Stainless Bass RBS (8-12 month life span)$50.00
6 String /Stainless Bass RBS (8-12 month life span)$55.00
12 String Electric/Nickel (4-6 month life span)$12.00
6 String Royal Bronze Acoustic (8-12 months life span)$10.00
12 String Royal Bronze Acoustic (8-12 months life span)$12.00

Guitar Parts

EZ Peg Brass Bridge Pins$46.00
4 Way Telecaster Switch$22.00
Switchcraft Mono Open Jack long or Standard Thread with Lock Washer$ 5.00
Switchcraft Stereo Jack with Lock Washer$ 6.00
Knobs Plastic/Brass various types and finishes$3-7.00
Sperzel tunersBy Quote
Floyd Rose & Kahler Bridge PartsBy Quote
Solid Brass Tune-O-Matic Bridges$65.00
25K EMG Controls$6.00
1 Meg Linear Taper Volume Controls$7.00

Amplifier & Electronic Services

Basic Amplifier Service: Tube, Solid State, Hybrid, Head or Combo$75.00
Stereo Power Amp Tube/Solid State$75.00 Per Side
Sozo Capacitors$ 7.00-10.00 a piece

Amplifier Service & Modifications

Full, Custom Made Back Panels for Combo Amplifiers$55.00
Factory original Amplifier PartsBy Quote
Speaker Removal and Installation$20.00 per Speaker
Mixing Consoles, Powered Mixers, Monitors, Mains, etc.By Quote

Speaker Cabinet Wiring

All wired with Monster Studio Pro 1000/2000 high current speaker cable. All connections hand woven and hard soldered.

Cab TypePrice
1 x 12 Combo or Cab$20.00
2 x 12$45.00
4 x 12$85.00

New/Gently Used Vacuum Tubes

Mostly New or Slightly Used Pulls, Clean, Functional, and Ready for Installation and/or Bias-Various Brands and Types

Power Tubes$10.00
Pre Amplifier Tubes$ 7.00
Rectifier Tubes$ 7.00